She wasn’t always toxic

Her gaze and the smiles

The covert glances conveying

Stories beyond comprehension

Mischievous and diabolical

Of a mystical dimension of her own.

Her soul was mine

And I was her soul

So impossibly intertwined that we tangled

Her euphoria completed me

The dismay, wrecking.

But like a boomerang, we bounced back

Untethered. Wild. Coveted

Thriving amidst their dubious skepticism

Defying all odds and victorious

We survived even in the throes of ruination.

Until one doubt at a time

You proved us wrong

Let the cracks widen

Insecurities set along

Until the stripped bare spirit begged for respite

Desperately hung by tattered fingertips.

We ceased to exist

Smiles no more

Devoid of euphoria

Flinging accusations and hurt were

Two strangers who were left with

Nothing more than their empty shells.

Daily Prompt : Toxic


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